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Audition rounds most important

Yes, indeed its true. If you survive the audition round you reach an inch closer to your cherished dream.

Auditions are short, to the point, there’s no dilly dally happening here.

From the very second you walk in make a Mark, create an impact, Intimidate fellow contestants and boom you’ve nailed it! The outfit, hair, bag, foot wear, nails…etc everything head to toe has to be just perfect.

There’s a cocktail dress round & swimsuit round! To check style, body, communication and most importantly confidence. In every outfit that you don, elegance should ooze and scream DIVA!

Your introduction and Q&A can easily catapult you ahead! Remember at all national & international pageants this is the key factor.

Even the choice of clothing is decisive and this has to be international in style & appeal. Everything from entering the room to that diva aura can clinch you that coveted spot!

Till then Stay Sexy!!


Is a bikini round really necessary

If you ask me then No. Its a simple question with an easy answer!
So why the hype?

Well ask the organisers, cause its actually very irrelevant to hold a bikini round when you’re truly searching for a global icon.

So why is bikini important, well simply because its a very common attire in the west and requires one to have a hard attained body and oodles of confidence to walk in it!

In the west when you’re in a bikini eyes don’t rape you unlike in our country where fully clothed attire can also land you in a soup!

And as far as the hype is concerned its actually created here by our people!

Its an easy garment and it only looks vulgar to the vulgar, or a disproportionate body!

Having worries finding the right bikini for the pageant? Be more with trends and make the mirror your bestest friend!

Stay pretty

Is it ok to repeat contestants in beauty pageants?

Is it ok to repeat contestants in beauty pageants?

Recently I saw people vent out so much anger on such a noble topic as to repeat contestant another year or not.

Firstly beauty pageants like Miss India and Miss Universe are so big that the very thought of it gives a girl goosebumps and so begins her journey towards preparation.

From arranging clothes to walk to talk, to make up to coping up with the national confidence it’s a big task and even if the poor girl qualifies the first time on her own merit and is unable to win, does that mean all is lost?

Do dreams as big as this get only one chance. Also if she’s invited by the organisation again( maybe she’s deserving) everybody begs assuming, oh she’s sleeping, oh she has a jack in tooth she’s so special….blah blah blah

But then that’s how most sick minds think. Can we please stop assuming and let the girl move ahead with decisions she needs to make!

The frustration is mostly because the international crown is just not knocking on the Great Indian door.

Well good things take time, till then enjoy and appreciate the effort put in each year rather than criticising the makers, the contestants, the repeaters and winners!

Do Beauty pageants need an all Women team

Wow, an interesting thought!!
Should a pageant run for women also be done by women!

The first word that comes into mind is Safe: no compromise situation and that sure is a big valid point.

Beauty pageants directly deal with young girls who are quite vulnerable if in wrong hands!

But does it mean women don’t exploit women?

Well maybe not I’m this case…
For instance just think about these situations;

1.Guidance on physical appearance
2.discussing wardrobe especially inners
3. Being comfortable In bikini during the shoots
4. Dealing with emotional breakdown during competition

And apart from the above, the whole concept of rumors doing rounds that ” this girl is definitely winning cause she’s sleeping with the main guy” and vice versa is probably the biggest relief one would get sans the Men.

No I’m not a feminist, but enforcing an all women team can be a refreshing change and may do wonders for the So called biased beauty pageants!

Above article is based on social site trends and comments! FYI

Are beauty pageants rigged

Now it’s a quite popular question and on everyone’s mind…
Well the truth lies only in the minds of the makes are creators of beauty pageants.

But here’s a thought why would someone invest a lot if the choice was clear from day one.
Also why would the pageant take troubles to make the pageant super special for one contestants when they have an option to choose any one!

It can never be of relation because that’s illegal. Most of the times rumours like rigged do nothing but pull down other contestants. It’s disheartening to see that petty rumours can make strong candidates feel weak, powerless and finally lose out the spotlight.

The pageant is a journey, one that every contestant will cherish all their lives. So the contestants need to take it very seriously.

Most contestant take it for granted, or treat it like mini vacation. Well you can imagine the outcome if the thought is such.
Anyways beauty pageants especially like ponds femina miss India, Indian diva, miss universe, miss India, miss world… And more are of national pride and international value.

It’s been a while India got an international crown and the day that comes entire nation will go frenzy almost like winning the World Cup!

So girls pull your socks high and the hair down and get serious, because an entire nation is watching, supporting and vying for you.

Till then stay beautiful and confident

Such strange beauty pageants

Worldwide Mr. Gay

This year held in Oslo, Norway, The pageant is held, in part, to bring awareness to gay rights issues.

Armpit Queen

Contestants have to prove the utility of their armpits, and winners took the crown by chugging beer held in their pits and gluing Mormon crickets to their underarms.

Miss Beautiful Morals

Saudi Arabia’s Miss Beautiful Morals pageant, created by Khadra al-Mubarak in 2008. Contestants in the competition are picked based on who shows the most respect for her parents. Last year the winner took home $2,600 and additional prizes.

Miss Jumbo Queen

You must weigh at least 175 pounds to enter. Women dressed in Thai garb participate in a talent portion, answer questions about health and social issues.
Miss Jumbo Queen gets a cash prize, a home exercise program and other weight loss resources.

Miss Atom

Started in 2004, women working in the nuclear industry compete for Russia’s “Miss Atom” competition and the winner is chosen by online voting.

Miss Landmine

This pageant, held in both Angola and Cambodia, says “Everybody has the right to feel beautiful.” Contestants are chosen by the Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization, and the pageant winner receives a customized prosthesis.

Miss Plastic Hungary

Breast implants, fake tans and cosmetic teeth. Yes for the Miss Plastic Hungary pageant, artificial enhancements a requirement and proof that they have gone under the knife.

Drag pageants

Drag shows and competitions take place at almost any venues on any given night. Miss Drag America is one of the best known, and it takes place the day after the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, N.J.

Mr. and Miss Mosquito Legs

Yeah this is one funny title.
Held at the Great Texas Mosquito Festival in Clute, contestants have to show they’ve got the skinniest, knobbiest knees in town and the winner is chosen by an audience poll.

Untamed Beauty contest

Au Natural is the theme here and stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, are all fine.
As a statement against traditional beauty contests, Untamed Beauty was open to all genders, shapes and sizes, valuing faces and bodies that looked like they had been through the wringer. “

Miss Klingon Empire

Held annually since 1998 at the September Star Trek convention in Atlanta, the Miss Klingon Empire showcases women dressed up as a character from Star Trek’s Klingon warrior race.

Siberian prison beauty pageant

This one’s got the women in Siberian prison competing for freedom. Started in 1990, The “Miss Spring” beauty pageant was a way to keep the convicts occupied and can help participants get early parole.

Miss Sister 2008 ( A pageant that didn’t take-off )

Italian priest Father Antonio Rungi wanted to honor the nuns by competing them in an online pageant. However his supervisors didn’t get his thoughts, and he was forced to cancel, before it took off.

Chasing the Miss India dream


The recurring dream hasn’t let you sleep sound isn’t it?

So are you up for the challenge?

Yes, beauty pageants and Modelling are almost like a challenge you take up in life.
Its not like other professions where you report to work do your job and back home. In a sense a lot to do with travelling, adapting to new places, staying under the arclights, going for auditions time and again and phew!

This is just the beginning…

However if everything done professionally and the right way can yield great results for the future. Earlier people would criticize modelling for being a hobby or side job but today Modelling is the profession. Everybody wants to taste it…

The money is good, the travelling is great and the circles have widened. But the bigger truth is how one enters the field. Contesting at the prestigious Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss World and so many more newer pageants is a probably good/ clean start.

Wake up and work it…make your dream a reality