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Is it ok to repeat contestants in beauty pageants?

Is it ok to repeat contestants in beauty pageants?

Recently I saw people vent out so much anger on such a noble topic as to repeat contestant another year or not.

Firstly beauty pageants like Miss India and Miss Universe are so big that the very thought of it gives a girl goosebumps and so begins her journey towards preparation.

From arranging clothes to walk to talk, to make up to coping up with the national confidence it’s a big task and even if the poor girl qualifies the first time on her own merit and is unable to win, does that mean all is lost?

Do dreams as big as this get only one chance. Also if she’s invited by the organisation again( maybe she’s deserving) everybody begs assuming, oh she’s sleeping, oh she has a jack in tooth she’s so special….blah blah blah

But then that’s how most sick minds think. Can we please stop assuming and let the girl move ahead with decisions she needs to make!

The frustration is mostly because the international crown is just not knocking on the Great Indian door.

Well good things take time, till then enjoy and appreciate the effort put in each year rather than criticising the makers, the contestants, the repeaters and winners!