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What’s with the UGLY word!


I am so surprised the way people chose to use the ugly word to describe a person. It’s revolting and shameful at the same time.

A) how have you the right to critique some one so strongly
B) do you really know the meaning of the word, have you looked up a dictionary ever
C) is that the only word you know
D) maybe you’ve heard it so often for yourself that you intend to use it on any one you see.
E) it’s time your learn more words then.

It’s strange how people mostly first timers on social media or public platforms use such word to sound like intellectuals on beautypageants, but in reality they are far from it.

Especially in a beauty pageant where contestants, now national delegates representing their country with so much effort are put down by these lame comments immediately.

If you’re passionate about it, then increase your vocabulary; give comments that are wholesome, beneficial not derogatory and obscene.

By the way the only person typing UGLY is the person not anyone else. So think before you make remarks that are so low.

Try cheering, supporting and if that’s not your style, walk away. We’d rather see less comments than obscene comments.


Let’s support our beauty queens


These pretty girls are working really hard to represent their country, our country, India at different international pageants.

However, in recent times it's seen that the people especially on social media are more vocal in regards to bashing them. From appearance to walk, to communication: nothing is spared.

I wonder if any one has an idea how tough it is to be chosen from thousands of applicants to finally winning the crown.

A typical day for a winner is: workouts extremely rigorous, diet controlled, under watchful and wishful eyes 24/7 to excel in all areas, however the audience is quick to pass a judgement with the click of a button on social media.

Let us not bully the delegates, let’s cheer, support and encourage our representatives to give their best

If it means so much to us, imagine how much it would mean to the chosen delegate.
Let us unite and shout out loud, so that India is the best and the crown will surely sit proudly on all our delegates pretty and responsible heads!

All the best India!