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How beauty pageants can change your life

It’s true winning a beauty pageant is almost like acquiring a PHD, you’ve almost mastered the field of beauty, fashion and glamor.

However, participating, competing and merely dreaming about it are three different things and each has a current outcome too. If you want to change your life, then you need to be amongst the winners or at least have a winner attitude. Most of the times girls who aren’t so strong tend to lead towards a breakdown, and that could be serious too.

As ,inch as its just a pageant it’s also a life altering opportunity, that comes to selective few, so it’s vital to well utilise it.

Grooming, coaching, training for it if done half heartedly can only empty your pockets, but if done well could make you richer by wisdom. Yes it’s important to know who grooms you, how we’ll you are trained and how confident you are when you stand amongst the top girls of the country.

This change is possible if only you try and work towards it, you could be guided but that’s about it. To stand on stage, look pretty in bikini and pose, smile endlessly and effortlessly is purely & entirely your Job.


Audition rounds most important

Yes, indeed its true. If you survive the audition round you reach an inch closer to your cherished dream.

Auditions are short, to the point, there’s no dilly dally happening here.

From the very second you walk in make a Mark, create an impact, Intimidate fellow contestants and boom you’ve nailed it! The outfit, hair, bag, foot wear, nails…etc everything head to toe has to be just perfect.

There’s a cocktail dress round & swimsuit round! To check style, body, communication and most importantly confidence. In every outfit that you don, elegance should ooze and scream DIVA!

Your introduction and Q&A can easily catapult you ahead! Remember at all national & international pageants this is the key factor.

Even the choice of clothing is decisive and this has to be international in style & appeal. Everything from entering the room to that diva aura can clinch you that coveted spot!

Till then Stay Sexy!!