Is a bikini round really necessary

If you ask me then No. Its a simple question with an easy answer!
So why the hype?

Well ask the organisers, cause its actually very irrelevant to hold a bikini round when you’re truly searching for a global icon.

So why is bikini important, well simply because its a very common attire in the west and requires one to have a hard attained body and oodles of confidence to walk in it!

In the west when you’re in a bikini eyes don’t rape you unlike in our country where fully clothed attire can also land you in a soup!

And as far as the hype is concerned its actually created here by our people!

Its an easy garment and it only looks vulgar to the vulgar, or a disproportionate body!

Having worries finding the right bikini for the pageant? Be more with trends and make the mirror your bestest friend!

Stay pretty


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