Do Beauty pageants need an all Women team

Wow, an interesting thought!!
Should a pageant run for women also be done by women!

The first word that comes into mind is Safe: no compromise situation and that sure is a big valid point.

Beauty pageants directly deal with young girls who are quite vulnerable if in wrong hands!

But does it mean women don’t exploit women?

Well maybe not I’m this case…
For instance just think about these situations;

1.Guidance on physical appearance
2.discussing wardrobe especially inners
3. Being comfortable In bikini during the shoots
4. Dealing with emotional breakdown during competition

And apart from the above, the whole concept of rumors doing rounds that ” this girl is definitely winning cause she’s sleeping with the main guy” and vice versa is probably the biggest relief one would get sans the Men.

No I’m not a feminist, but enforcing an all women team can be a refreshing change and may do wonders for the So called biased beauty pageants!

Above article is based on social site trends and comments! FYI


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