Are beauty pageants rigged

Now it’s a quite popular question and on everyone’s mind…
Well the truth lies only in the minds of the makes are creators of beauty pageants.

But here’s a thought why would someone invest a lot if the choice was clear from day one.
Also why would the pageant take troubles to make the pageant super special for one contestants when they have an option to choose any one!

It can never be of relation because that’s illegal. Most of the times rumours like rigged do nothing but pull down other contestants. It’s disheartening to see that petty rumours can make strong candidates feel weak, powerless and finally lose out the spotlight.

The pageant is a journey, one that every contestant will cherish all their lives. So the contestants need to take it very seriously.

Most contestant take it for granted, or treat it like mini vacation. Well you can imagine the outcome if the thought is such.
Anyways beauty pageants especially like ponds femina miss India, Indian diva, miss universe, miss India, miss world… And more are of national pride and international value.

It’s been a while India got an international crown and the day that comes entire nation will go frenzy almost like winning the World Cup!

So girls pull your socks high and the hair down and get serious, because an entire nation is watching, supporting and vying for you.

Till then stay beautiful and confident


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