Chasing the Miss India dream


The recurring dream hasn’t let you sleep sound isn’t it?

So are you up for the challenge?

Yes, beauty pageants and Modelling are almost like a challenge you take up in life.
Its not like other professions where you report to work do your job and back home. In a sense a lot to do with travelling, adapting to new places, staying under the arclights, going for auditions time and again and phew!

This is just the beginning…

However if everything done professionally and the right way can yield great results for the future. Earlier people would criticize modelling for being a hobby or side job but today Modelling is the profession. Everybody wants to taste it…

The money is good, the travelling is great and the circles have widened. But the bigger truth is how one enters the field. Contesting at the prestigious Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss World and so many more newer pageants is a probably good/ clean start.

Wake up and work it…make your dream a reality


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