Beauty pageants Q&As

There are always a million questions when it comes to cracking the Beauty Pageant Question and answer round, or even the very first audition round.

Till then have a look…

Why are you here?

Tell us a little about your goals and dreams.

Why did you enter this pageant inspite of being in a full fledged career?

What makes you sad?

What do you feel you can work on with regard to your body?

What do you think can be done to improve your smile?

What is your opinion about the Femina Miss India contest?

Which city do you belong to? Tell us a little about it?

What is the worst thing that could happen to you?

Which areas do you think you will need to work on for this contest?

How prepared are you for the contest?

Why do you think we should choose you as one of our final contestants?

Tell us what sets you apart?

What makes you most uncomfortable?

What is your take on pre-marital sex?

Do you have a boyfriend? Is he ok with the idea of you taking part in this pageant?

What makes you uncomfortable?

What all can you sacrifice for this pageant?

Are your parents ok with the swimsuit round?

Do you think the swimsuit round is derogatory?

What are the aspects you need to work on?

Who or what inspires you?

What makes you happy?

How do you see yourself a year from now?

How do you see yourself five years from now?

What are your life goals?

Tell us about some of your shortcomings?

Who has the greatest influence on your life?

How do you think can improve yourself and your personality?

Don’t you think your age is a barrier……….you are already 25 years old?

What makes you scared?

Would you resort to unethical practices in order to win this pageant?

What intimidates you?

What makes you confident?

What makes you fearful?

Who is the most important person in your life?

At the end of life what do you want to be happy about?

Tell us something interesting about your job.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

What do you want to prove in life?

What have your achievements been so far?

What is beauty according to you?

How do you guarantee your success?

What are the three things you would never do to the person you love?

What looks better on an Indian woman short hair or long?

Do you feel that your looks are a bit unconventional and don’t really fit into the Miss India QR?

What would you do if we reject you today?

If we select you today how will you feel and what would you first today?

Do you know why we would select you?

What makes you confident?

How would you contribute to your country?

How will you highlight the problems in your city and try and solve them?

What would you name your autobiography?

How do you think you can help in the prevention of STDs and aids?

Do you think HIV patients have the right to lead a normal life?

Do you think our country has a problem with gender bias?

What do you think are the challenges our country faces?

Describe what motherhood means to you?

Does sexy have a negative connotation.

Who do you think is the sexiest man alive?

What is your take on one night-stands?

When do you feel most tired?

How far are you willing to push yourself?

What if you are intimate with someone and your mms tape is circulated around?

Would you bribe someone to clear the preliminaries?

What would you do if your boyfriend leaves you?

If you could work in a film who would you choose as your co-star?

Describe yourself in just two words.

Who according to you is a legend ?

Where do you think our country lacks?

Tell us five strong points about your city.

The one quality you feel that is required for the pageant.

Are you smart or sexy?

What would life after rape be like?


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