Beauty pageants need a renewed Personality

Tips to enhance your Personality just before the beauty pageant

Your personality is the the only thing you can take charge of and control. While some people buy new clothes, other hunt for branded attire to make them look great from the outwards.

The truth is if you’re not strong from within nothing can make you look great from the outside.
Personality goes way beyond external appearances. It includes basic nature, traits, qualities, physical persona, speech, attitude and everything that’s innate.

Try these:

1. Look Interested- Discover what other people want. Get to know their likes, dislikes, interests and beliefs. By doing this, you will be regarded as a person with a pleasing personality.

2. Have positive assumptions- Discard the negatives around and assume that people like you. If you show the other person that you want people to talk to you, they will react with warmth.

3. Admit your weaknesses- It’s fine nobody is perfect. Strengths and weaknesses come together. To improve your personality, It’s important to admit and identify your flaws before somebody else does it.

4. Admire your peers / friends- Its nice to praise them for their achievements. Tell them how attractive they look. Make them feel important they are to you. Therefore its essential to choose a group of friend that’s compatible and encouraging. If in bad / incorrect company then steer away.

5. Like I said, always associate with people who are successful, happy and encouraging. Seek the companionship of others who can give you new points of views, renewed hopes, and meaningful life.

6. Be social- Social gatherings can increase your circle of friends. Social events can likewise give you new insights and experiences. It can help improve your relationships with other people and your community. Social gatherings can help you develop your communication skills.

7. Willing to learn- It’s always good to know what’s new. Try everything so that nothing seems impossible when attempting a new task. By doing so, you are expanding your horizons and opportunities.

Work it girls!


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